California DUI Attorneys

The moment a police officer slaps on the handcuffs and charges you with DUI can be terrifying. The stigma that comes with a drunk driving arrest can be embarrassing. You could lose your license, suffer high fines and even face jail time. But just because law enforcement has leveled a criminal accusation against you doesn’t mean you are guilty.

That’s why K & L Associates protects the rights and interests of Californians from overzealous prosecutions. Our experienced Beverly Hills legal team is fully prepared to fight DUI charges.

We Challenge Wrongful Police Stops

Every time a law enforcement official pulls a driver over, they are required to have a reasonable suspicion a crime is being committed. The high volume of unlawful police stops that occur every day is sobering.

Police routinely stop drivers for being new to an area, driving late at night and sometimes people are racially profiled. Once you have been detained, then they start investigating you for criminal behavior. These practices are completely inconsistent with the laws of California and will not stand.

As experienced California DUI attorneys, we will put the arresting officer’s reasons under strict legal scrutiny and push for the charges to be dropped.

We Challenge the DUI “Evidence”

If you have been charged, it’s important to work with a criminal defense attorney with DUI experience. Evidence collected against you may not stand up to a strong legal challenge. For example, the rise of police dash cam video has become a significant tool used to exonerate people.

When an officer performs a field sobriety test, the conclusions of that process are often the basis for requesting a breathalyzer examination. If you competently complete the roadside test, the officer may not have a right to move forward. If police still press you to take a breath test, that dash cam video may be the basis to have the results thrown out.

And, breathalyzers are not exactly an exact science. Consider the following reasons that breathalyzers commonly give inaccurate and false readings.

  • Inexperienced breathalyzer technicians make mistakes.
  • Acid reflux, GERD and heartburn can skew readings.
  • Machines suffer technical malfunctions.
  • Alcohol-tinged food can be trapped in braces or between teeth.
  • Conditions such as diabetes can alter results.
  • Rising blood alcohol content impacts results.

Low carbohydrate diets can render readings inaccurate.

Although the state would like the accused to believe that the so-called evidence against you cannot be refuted, a skilled DUI attorney knows better and how to challenge it.

Contact an Experienced California DUI Law Firm

At K & L Associates, our experienced California DUI attorneys confront the faulty allegations leveled against good, hard-working residents in a court of law.

With a legal team to protect your rights and interests, prosecutors are often willing to drop or reduce the charges and make a suitable plea agreement. When the state won’t act reasonably, we’re ready to challenge every inch of their case against you. If you have been charged with DUI, call the Beverly Hills law office of K & L Associates immediately.