Practice Areas

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases cover personal injuries that may have occurred on a poorly maintained or outright dangerous property. All property owners have the responsibility of maintaining a reasonable level of safety on their lots. If you have suffered an injury due to property owner negligence, you can seek damages with help from your talented California personal injury attorney at K & L Associates.

Automobile Accidents

When car accidents cause serious injuries or wrongful death, you and your loved ones could end up suffering unfathomable losses. Only by heading into court to secure compensation can you hope to even start to make up for the losses you and your family experience.


The moment a police officer slaps on the handcuffs and charges you with DUI can be terrifying. The stigma that comes with a drunk driving arrest can be embarrassing. You could lose your license, suffer high fines and even face jail time. But just because law enforcement has leveled a criminal accusation against you doesn’t mean you are guilty.