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Through the creation of K & L Associates, Liana Ter-Oganesyan and Karin Mayelan offer the best combination of skills and experience needed to win personal injury cases in California. These personal injury attorneys help their clients prepare and present car accident and premises liability cases in court. They regularly represent clients facing lifelong injuries or wrongful death damages caused by another party’s negligence or property faults.

Liana Ter-oganesyan & Karin Mayelan

Automotive Accidents

Automotive accidents frequently result in serious injuries, ranging from head trauma to spinal cord damage. Even minor collisions can leave you struggling to work and recoup your losses caused by the other driver’s negligence or equipment failure. Help from a skilled personal injury lawyer can assist you with the collection of monetary compensation for the losses you experienced during and after your accident. Through the handling of complex automobile accident cases, your attorneys have built their experience fighting for the rights of accident victims, like yourself, across Beverly Hills, California.

Premise Liability Cases

Property owners are responsible for keeping their locations safe and secure for everyone who might venture into that area. Without making a reasonable effort to maintain the safety of the property, owners may end up responsible for slip and fall injuries or other incidents related to the lot conditions or owner actions. Common conditions that may result in a personal injury case include wet or oily flooring, improperly built staircases and unsecured rugs. If have suffered injury on an unsafe property, acquire legal representation from a skilled personal injury attorney in California.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Wrongful Death

Brain and spinal cord injuries can leave you without a means to earn a living wage and result in a lifetime of pain even with treatment. Wrongful death of a loved one can also cause similar losses for you and your family. When these incidents happen, you can trust your talented California car accident attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve to receive.

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When faced with serious injuries from a car accident or premises liability incident, schedule a consultation appointment with your California personal injury attorney. Your accident lawyer will help you fight in court for compensation from the parties responsible for your personal injuries.